Train, equip, and encourage local pastors & leaders

A Haitian pastor friend that past away several years ago used to tell us "If we only give the people shoes and food, they will still die with a full belly and dry feet;  but they will die without Jesus.  But if we give them the hope of Jesus, we have given them something eternal."  At Harvest Field, we believe The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be both demonstrated through our actions, and shared verbally, not just one or the other.  We believe working through the local church is the most effective way to accomplish this. 

We help train, equip, and encourage local pastors and leaders, so that they can be good shepherds, solid teachers of Scripture, and Godly examples of how to live for Christ in Haiti.  We focus on relationships & discipleship.  We meet the pastors where they are, and offer help where they feel it is needed.  For some, it is working on bettering their literacy skills so that they can study and understand their Bible better.  For others it is providing courses on scriptural topics or leadership training.  


Pastors in Haiti rarely have the same opportunities afforded pastors or seminary students in the U.S.  Sometimes pastors are called 'bi-vocational' when people learn that they earn a living by tending a garden, or driving a tap-tap. But we have a hard time with this terminology because that implies they earn a wage by pastoring the church, and almost none receive a wage from their church - they do it only because the Lord has called them to this position.  We just want to enable these men to fulfill the work God has called them to - ministering to hurting people, making disciples of their congregations, spreading The Gospel of Christ, and planting new churches in unreached and under-reached areas.