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Hypollite Fanfan

Lauren Stout, Office Assistant

Lauren handles the day-to-day operations on the U.S. side. She has been traveling to Haiti since 2008. Lauren resides in Knoxville TN and is a wife to Jacob and a mom to 3 biological children and one adopted child from Haiti. She has a huge heart for the Haitian people and is eager to help out in any way the ministry needs her to. 


Hypollite Fanfan, Operations Manager

Hypollite coordinates mission teams, delivers food and supplies to the orphanage, and provides oversight and accountability for various ministry areas.  His joy and laugh are contagious and Harvest Field is truly blessed to have him on our team.  Hypollite and his wife, Nadine, have two beautiful little girls, Lightdine and Hypolina.

"I'm extremely proud to work with Harvest Field.  Working with this ministry has changed my family's life a lot, and I love Harvest Field they do such a good work for the people in Haiti!"  - Hypollite Fanfan

Volunteer Leadership

Abby Blackmon, M.D.

Abby Blackmon, M.D., Medical Director

Dr. Abigail Blackmon is Harvest Field's medical director. She and her husband, Greg, are pediatricians in Knoxville and stay busy with their practice and their 5 daughters.   Dr. Abby oversees Harvest Field's medical work and travels to Les Anglais quarterly to lead our medical teams.   Check out Abby's blog for more.

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Beverly Smith, Volunteer Coordinator

Beverly is our volunteer coordinator handling much of the preparation and arrangements for our quarterly medical clinics.  Beverly works part time for a dentist office in Knoxville and she serves routinely  in our dental clinics in Les Anglais.  Beverly is renowned throughout Haiti for her fierce competitiveness in the game of spoons.