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Thanks for visiting our website!  We're a non-profit, Christian organization committed to meeting the spritual, physical, and educational needs of the most impoverished children and families in Haiti.   Our desire is to see future generations of healthy, educated, self-sustaining Haitian communities living with integrity and striving to make Jesus famous.

We accomplish this by focusing on 4 primary areas:

1. Provide quality care and education for haiti's most vulnerable children.

2. Provide vocational training and job creation opportunities.

3. Improve the local healthcare.

4.Train, equip, and encourage local pastors and leaders.

Our guiding values as we carry out this work...

  • Relationships are critically important, especially among Christ's global church.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ should be both demonstrated and shared verbally;  not just one or the other.
  • Food, clean water, shelter, an education, and reasons to smile should be afforded to every child.
  • Moving past handouts, and instead developing men and women who can provide for their own needs is the best way to help Haiti long-term.
  • Living a life of integrity is not optional, if we are to offer God His proper glory.