Create jobs and teach vocational skills


Providing job creation opportunities, vocational training, and education enable Haitian men and women to move beyond looking for a handout, and instead teaches them a marketable skill so they can provide for their own family with dignity.  Certainly, scripture teaches us that there are times we are to help a brother or sister in immediate need;  but we believe developing men and women who can provide for their own needs is the best way to help ease the long-term poverty in Haiti.


job creation  =  fewer orphans

Orphanages throughout Haiti are filled with tens of thousands of children who have loving parents who have sent their children to an orphanage because they can not provide for their basic needs.  The vast majority of these parents would prefer to keep their kids if they could only care for them.  Providing vocational training and equipping men and women to start their own sustainable business keeps families together.  We are proud that we've been able to help several families be reunited, so that their children don't have to live away from them at the orphanage.  




At the Harvest Field Sewing Center women learn how to create quality products, but we teach them more than just how to sew.  We provide a solid foundation for small business basics so the ladies are able to operate an at-home sewing business after they graduate. And they also hear The Gospel so they learn how Jesus adores them and how God created them with a specific purpose for their lives. 

"Before Harvest Field started this program I didn't have any opportunities. Now I can make clothes for myself and my family, and I am already making some money when I sell the clothes I make to people at the market. It makes me very proud to help my family." - Mdme Jean Franswa Vatenies

Click here to learn more about purchasing  Pote Mwen products created by the ladies in our sewing program.


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additional opportunities 

We also offer a basics of business course in the Les Anglais community several times per year, so we can encourage entrepreneurial thinking and provide men and women with a foundation of what it takes to manage a small business. We also provide opportunities to teach young men how to work in construction trades, learning carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and electric.