Poverty in Haiti makes many people vulnerable, but there are several groups of people in Haiti that are extremely vulnerable and have no one to care for them.  We concentrate on caring specifically for these high risk people including orphans, elderly widows, and people with special needs.  

We believe developing men and women who can provide for their own needs is the best way to help ease the poverty in Haiti long-term.  Projects like our sewing school and business classes enable Haitians to learn marketable skills so they can provide for their family with dignity.

Our approach to healthcare is much more than just providing medicine.  Through long-term relationships, we can focus on providing consistent, quality medical care, coupled with preventative education and training of local healthcare workers.  And we are seeing great results. 


We come alongside the faithful men and women of Les Anglais who are striving to expand God's Kingdom.  We help train, equip, and encourage local pastors and leaders, so they are fully prepared to share The Gospel, to make disciples, and to plant new churches in unreached communities. 


At Harvest Field, we desire to see future generations of healthy, educated, self-sustaining Haitian communities living with integrity and striving to make Jesus famous.