Improve the local healthcare

At the heart of our ministry is relationships, and our medical teams are no different because they focus on the long-term and on really knowing those they care for. Instead of visiting many different communities only once every few years, we focus our efforts in just the Les Anglais region.   Our desire is to truly make a difference in many Haitian's quality of life by improving local healthcare.  By investing heavily in this one region with frequent medical, dental, and vision teams, we are able to get to know the patients; we are able to provide consistent care; we are able to place a high importance on quality care;  we are able to maintain patient medical histories and chart progress;  and we are able to see measured improvement!

We know to truly improve the local health care, we can not depend on only our visiting medical teams.  We desire to empower Haitians to make a difference in caring for their own people.  We work alongside Haitian healthcare professionals to train, encourage and equip them so these communities have a higher level of care, not just when our medical teams visit, but all year round.

Our medical, dental, and vision teams provide clinics every 3 months in Les Anglais.  Click here to learn more about volunteering with one of our medical teams.