A few of the kids at the les anglais primary school

Harvest Field is dependent on the financial support of people just like you so we can continue to serve the people of Haiti.  We are sometimes asked "how can we help the most?"   Signing up for a recurring monthly donation is one of the best ways to help us accomplish our work in Les Anglais.  We hope you'll consider partnering with us for monthly giving.  

In Haiti, survival is often a daily struggle. When you give to Harvest Field Ministries, you're giving hope to men, women and children who battle against severe poverty and hunger daily.  For a one time or recurring monthly donation to Harvest Field Ministries, please click above, or if you prefer, checks can be mailed to:  Harvest Field Ministries    PO Box 18416    Knoxville, TN 37928

I have never felt the depth of humanity and the inspiration of ordinary people until I traveled to Haiti with Harvest Field Ministries. My soul was opened to be fed with a love that was truly divine. My life will never be the same and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve a beautiful people along side new friends that will remain in my heart always.
— Charlene - Blaine, Minnesota

Unless designated for a specific need, your donation will be used for the ministry area(s) where it is needed the most.  Below are some examples of what a great blessing your donation can be and how far your money can go to change lives!

Madame Resia, one of our sweet ladies in the elderly widow program

$25 - $100

  • $25 purchases two egg-laying hens for an elderly widow on her own. These hens can produce over 1,000 protein-packed eggs, which the ladies can either consume or sell to greatly improve their quality of life.

  • $60 can feed a child nourishing meals at the orphanage for over 2 weeks. Nearly half the children in Haiti struggle to survive on less than 500 calories per day (while the average American consumes 3,642 calories per day).

  • $85 buys a month's worth of fabric & supplies for 20 students at our sewing center. Most women in Haiti earn less than $400 per year (less than half of what the average man earns). The sewing program gives women pride, confidence and the ability to help their family survive!

  • $100 pays a school teacher's salary for a month. Most teachers have between 35-45 students in his/her class. 50% of children in Haiti are not enrolled in school. 40% of the nation's population can not read or write beyond a 5th grade level.

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$100 - $200

  • $125 purchases enough Albendazole, an anti-parasite medicine, to treat 500 children suffering from deadly intestinal parasites. Half the population of Haiti has no access to clean drinking water.

  • $175 can help an illiterate adult learn to read and write. With an audio Bible and a written Bible in their native Creole, along with weekly tutoring and encouragement, an illiterate adult can become empowered to explore a whole new world by learning to read and write...via God's Word!

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  • $225 provides a leader training sesssion. 10 pastors & community leaders will receive bibles, teaching material, a meal and valuable face-to-face instruction and encouragement in areas of scripture, leadership, church planting and local child justice issues. These men & women are encouraged to share what they've learned, thus increasing your impact!

  • $275 purchases a treadle sewing machine for a sewing center graduate. With a sewing machine along with the sewing and business skills we've taught these ladies, they are empowered to start a home-based business that provides meaningful income and changes the life of their family!

  • $300 saves a child's life in our severe malnutrition clinic. Thousands of children in Haiti are medically defined as "severely malnourished". Once a child's health falls into this category, 1 in 4 will die without immediate intervention. Your $300 gift for our malnutrition clinic will absolutely save the life of one child while drastically improving three others.

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When you decide to provide a gift to Harvest Field, we become the steward of that money, which we consider a privilege and a serious responsibility which we do not take lightly.  We work diligently to keep administrative costs as low as possible.  We consistently stay between 12-18% overall administration costs.  

Harvest Field Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  Statements for financial donations are mailed (or emailed) each January, unless requested otherwise.